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Our Vision:


Asia's No. 1 Choice when it comes to engaging a consulting firm.


Our Mission Statement:


At, we serve our clients with a Tru-Friends attitude and perspective to achieve invaluable, long-lasting partnerships through co-operation.


Our Shared Values:


INTELLIGENCE - The greatest asset in every organization is found in the intelligence of its people. Intelligence applied is a creative power in itself. Applied rightly becomes a key to receiving and achieving the innovations that increase productivity, profitability and the pace at which progress is made. Without intelligence desired objectives are never reached.


INFLUENCE - Good relationships are tantamount to having highly productive, respected and admired Teams. We always encourage people, regardless or their role and or title, to use their special individual talents for doing more good, so an exponential increase in good things come about organically to all involved.


INTEGRITY - We mutually aim to intentionally and consistently make choices that demonstrate honor is being created, supported and upheld for all stakeholders; including but not limited to clients, manufactures, suppliers and shareholders.


INITIATIVE - We commit to roll up our sleeves and with a passion for what we do best, to help you reach your objectives in the most meaningful, positive and productive ways.


INNOVATION - We proffer as we work together in key areas with the aim to make progress, new ways to innovate will surface resulting in expansion of your reach profitably into relationships, markets and channels previously untapped.


Don Horton - Managing Partner of



Why do business with  Because our people and relationships are quality, and with a worthwhile approach to help you reach your objectives in the most efficient, highly productive and cost effective ways resulting in maximum prosperity for all. 

Our approach is based on our "Tru-Friends" philosophy.  It's a meaningful approach that ensures superior cooperation, rendering all things found in opposition to the good things you want to do "bound".  Our approach enables progress to be made at a much more rapid rate than in any other approach we know exists in the world.   

Read about our "Tru-Friends" philosophy and definition below and please contact us when you are ready to take next steps.

WHAT WE DO: is a diversified international consulting firm helping our client's achieve their desired business objectives.

We started out in 1987 as a boutique financial printing company in Palo Alto California serving CEO's, CFO's and Investor Relations officers with their compliance and registration filing needs with the Securities Exchange Commission within the Corporate Finance sector. 

Over the years we expanded into Public Finance and Mutual Fund sectors with value added offerings that set us apart from our competition to help them with their respective project needs. 

Today as a diversified international consulting firm, we offer a variety of solutions that enable our client's to maximize their present resources by leveraging ours on a project-by-project basis to reach their target objectives.

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Our "TRU-FRIENDS" Definition and Philosophy: 

We seek to actively engage with an attitude and perspective that is always kind, caring, respectful, understanding, positive and grateful.  

Implementing these basic principles of conduct have proven to create stronger relationships.  "Relationships of Trust and Appreciation" that tend to motivate all engaged to achieve what could not otherwise be achieved in the seemingly tight timeframes required.

When issues arise, we actively seek to focus on processes and engage our relationships for suggestions on ways to improve things (not find faults in the people so as to create a division or disinterest to help reach the objectives at hand).  We approach things from the perspective that all people engaged are qualified and capable, doing the best they can do under the circumstances, and are always seeking to deliver quality products and or services, in the requested amount of time, for a fair price.